10 Old Medical Treatments that look like Torture || One is Still in Use

10 Old Medical Treatments that look like Torture || One is Still in Use
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Rare grafts, electric shocks and balls in the lungs … In 1800 they have a pretty terrible imagination.

I think it goes without saying that to get to the medical procedures that are currently used, and that apparently is not so painful, there had to be several terrible and inefficient procedures before.

Many of them look like torture methods, and possibly more than one horror movie was inspired by them. Luckily at least there was progress and we will not see anything like this in a hospital. I believe.

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1. Tissue Graft:

This procedure performed by Dr. Harold Gillies had its beginnings during the First World War in order to reconstruct the faces of men who were injured. At that time, grafts and reconstructive plastic surgery had a 0% success rate.

First, healthy skin of the patient’s body was sewn to a had and temporarily cooked to the affected area. The tube kept blood circulating to the damaged area, drastically decreasing the possibility of infection.


2. Heliotherapy:

This is a case of strange alien situations where perhaps thinking that this was done by beings from another place is better than reality. In the 1800’s, children suffering from lupus or tuberculosis were sent to hospitals and clinics to receive heliotherapy.

Children’s skin produced vitamin D in response to light, and as a result, their body could fight better against bacterial infections.

3. Electro Stimulation of Facial Muscles:

Guillaume-Benjamin-Amand-Duchene was a French neurologist who electrocuted several patients to put funny faces and then photographed their faces: all for the purpose of learning.

The idea of this neurologist was to explore the muscles of the hands but finally decided that the face was better. He kept hundreds of very detailed photos during his life.

4. Iron Lungs:

Yes, in this picture you see a lot of children with artificial lungs. During the first half of the 20th century, this method was widely used to treat the polio epidemic. Polio caused paralysis, so much that patients could not breathe.

These machines were used to help them breathe, but they had to stay locked in there for weeks or even years.

5. Removal of Ribs:

It’s not so terrible, at least not because it was not just an experiment. This man had to remove a rib to drain the pus from his lungs before he drowned in it. Before there were antibiotics, this was a side effect of pneumonia.

6. Suspension in a Network:

What looks like a method of torture, is actually the method they used for patients with scoliosis. For that, they tied the people of their hands and feet. This was at the same time that polio broke out, so they imagined the kind of things they could see in hospitals.

7. Detox with Poison:

Yes, that woman is literally being cleaned with poisons against insects to kill the lice on her head. During the Second World War, it was very common for people to have lice, especially in the concentration camps. As if they had not gone through terrible things.

8. Violet Ray Machines:

They were basically portable bong that doctors gave to their patients to relieve minor pain and skin irritation. They could, for example, open your nose when you were cold. The machine was plugged in and then occupied a variety of glasses and metals to heal the body.

9. Balls in the Lungs:

These acrylic balls were used to collapse a person’s lungs to “rest” and thus heal the lesions caused by tuberculosis. The problem is that many times many patients never took them off which produced infections, sepsis, and other more serious complications.

10. Vision Treatment with Radioactive Strontium:

The man in this picture is receiving doses of radioactive strontium, which shoots the eyeball to destroy tumors or anything else that could have been affecting the eyesight. And currently it is still used, so they know. Although the procedure is less terrifying than this since you simply inject the eye directly.

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