17 People Who Took a Selfie At The Most Inappropriate Moment

Selfie, Inappropriate Moment,

The world suffers a euphoria for selfies, to such an extent that people do not care if their photos are unconventional or inappropriate in order to have more likes. Sure you have a cousin, nephew or co-worker who sins untimely with your hobby … Or maybe it’s you.

Look at these 17 images and see that what we say is true. Of course, you will feel pity immediately.

1. There is always a partner like that

2. He believes that nobody is watching

3. Who takes a picture at this time?

Car Accident, they Suspect of Broken Ribs.

4. Friend, Leave the Cell Phone and Go To Work.

5. It looks Very Hurt

6. After Sex!

Guess what we Just Did.

7. Before Surgery!!

8. With his Dying Father

9. Who is Dressed like that at a Funeral?

Time for a selfie, guys … At the funeral of my 4-year-old nephew … It’s not a good day … How’s your day?

10. Did you want to Show Off your Socks?

11. We do not know if it’s your Daughter but This is Not to be Done.

12. She is Sitting Very Straight.

13. Mmm … Really, Why Do They Do It?

14. Do Not Help, Better Take a Selfie.


16. Oh, Humanity!

17. “We’re going to Die … SELFIE!”

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