20 Obnoxious Passengers that Can be Your Nightmare on An Airplane

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The only bad thing about traveling is the flight; the distances are so long that you end up exhausted and waiting for the quick recovery of your back. The situation gets worse when you run into passengers who happen to be the most despicable beings on the planet: annoying, noisy, dirty and rude. A nightmare that you do not want or your worst enemy.

Do you think we exaggerate? These 21 photos show the users of some airlines that will make you prefer to cross the sea to free swimming before boarding a plane.

1. People who sleep with their legs up

2. And others that make the flight a show

3. Those who carry suitcases with stowaways

4. Or uncomfortable passengers that overflow with love

5. These specimens can never be missed

6. People who are not in their five senses

7. Unusual travel companions

8. And also very unpleasant neighbors

9. Does anyone want cheese in their salad?

10. Women who can get you upset

11. People who just want to see the world burn

12. Individuals who were shocked to feel the takeoff of the plane

13. Others who should be expelled immediately

14. Hairy better behaved than humans

15. And those who forgot until the denture


17. The shameless ones who do not care about anything

18. Those people who always go against the current

19. Those who leave their space as if a hurricane had passed

20. And not to mention the bathroom …

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