4 Strangest Couples who did not know what they were Doing and should be Banned

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We can all do real madness for love, but some are more reasonable than others. Letting yourself be carried away by passion can, on many occasions, bring great problems and not only to the relationship but also to yourself. When you see the strange stories of the couples we bring you today, you will be happy to have the boundaries of your relationship clear.

Couples who did not think well about what they were doing:

1: A dog in the Bedroom

A Pennsylvania couple wanted to encourage their sex life so they decided to introduce a third element in the bedroom: a dog. Rachel Harris, only 19 years old, was recorded by her husband Corey Harris, 24, while trying to maintain relations with the dog. The police discovered them, removed the dogs and were charged with several criminal charges.

2: Twins for Everything

Image Source: Instagram @annalucydecinque

These twin sisters of Australian origin are trying to get pregnant at the same time. It would not be strange that they wanted to have this experience together if it were not for the fact that they are both in a relationship with the same man.

The methods are of all kinds, from in-vitro fertilization to the traditional method. What would your children be? Cousins? Brothers?

3: A walk to Nature

There are those who are supporters of nudism and go to beaches or places where they can carry out this practice without legal problems. However, a Colombian couple decided to take a nocturnal ride on horseback, totally naked, through the streets of Antioquia.

4- Allergic to her Husband

Image Source: Scott Watkins / BBC

This couple is worshiped but unfortunately, they can not kiss, touch or be in the same room. Johanna Watkins suffers from a rare autoimmune disease that makes her allergic to almost everything, including her husband Scott. The woman knew of her illness before marrying Scott but did not seem to be allergic to him. Her condition worsened and now Johanna lives in an isolated room with filters to purify the air.

Do you think you have to learn to put limits on relationships or that everyone is free to do what they want? Let us know your opinion in the comments.

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