A man documents his incredible transformation into WOMAN for 17 months (+ Photos)

Transformation, Man to Women,

Ohio student Selgal has shared intimate photos of her man-to-woman transition, and the revealing images provide information about what happens in your body during hormone replacement therapy (HRT). Selgal has documented 17 months of this process and shared personal comments about how he felt during this period.

HRT (sometimes called cross-hormone therapy) involves taking sex hormones and other hormonal medications. It notes the secondary sexual characteristics that develop at puberty but are not involved in reproduction.

These medications include estrogen and anti-androgens (male-to-female transformations) and androgens such as testosterone (female-to-male). In trans women, this therapy can distribute fat in the hips, reduce the size of the penis and testicles, reduce muscle mass and strength, increase breast size and limit the growth of facial hair.

To maintain the effects, people have to continue the HRT therapy throughout their lives.

“It’s never too late to change who you are,” Selgal said describing his journey. “Happiness is real, you just have to be willing to risk anything to find it.”

“Transition from this to this in 17 months”

“2 years pre TRH: 16 years”

“1st month of HRT, I just started college. I always looked in the mirror to see if I saw any change. But it turns out that it takes a long time to see something important “

“3 months of HRT, starting to feel better. I’m still depressed, but finally, I start to feel myself “

“Trying to look adorable when it really was not, this is around 9 months of HRT”

“In this photo, I look like one of the Dateline lol guys, this was 11 months after HRT”

“11 months, first picture that made me really like me”

“Although I’m still an ugly jidade: P”

“Beginning the second year of university, 12 months of HRT”

“With good appearance in class (for some reason I started to wear loose clothing), 12 months of HRT”

“Starting to see something, 12 months of HRT”

“I still look like a guy pissed at 13 months of HRT”

“In class – 13 months HRT”

“My mirror is dirty, 14 months HRT”

“Excuse the anime shirt 😛 14 months”

“Starting to look adorable – 14 months”

“Freshly awakened from a nap and in a bad mood – 14 months”

“Lying on the bed, 15 months”

“Walking home from class, wearing more feminine – 15 months”

“After a necessary haircut, 15 months”

“I had just got up, a little angry lol, 15 months of HRT”

“Another selfie in class, I really like my appearance, 15 months”

“Hanging out in the hall before class, 16 months”

“I started using makeup and putting on dresses in public, 16 months”

“Selfie in the service, 16 months of HRT”

“And this is me today (17 months of HRT), living my life happy with a boyfriend I love more than anything”

“It’s never too late to change who you are. Happiness is real, you just have to be willing to risk anything to find it “

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