A Shark bites a Man in his Abdomen and will not let Go

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He went fishing with his friends when one of them warned that a grouper had been trapped in a hole. In an attempt to catch the fish, the shark came out and bit her abdomen by clinging to it.

The images of the video may offend the sensibilities.

The events have taken place in Florida. Ervin Maccarty went fishing with his friends. One of them told him that he had fired a spear at a grouper, but he had been trapped in a hole.

According to the Daily Mirror, Maccarty claimed that he was good at taking out grouper, so he decided to go out to sea to help his friend: “I am good at pulling out grouper, so the captain of the boat asked me to pick up the fish.”

Image Credit: Newsflare / Erv

However, when I arrived at the place where the grouper was, ten feet deep, his surprise was another: “As soon as I got there, the shark came out of another hole and bit me. , so I went out for breath, but I felt the shark bite me and try to tear me apart, “says Maccarty.

“I thought I would drown.” I stepped to the surface and saw that the ship had floated away and everyone screamed, no one knew I was still clinging to me. I had to reach the boat swimming without my hands. It was a grueling struggle “, continued Ervin.

Image Credit: Newsflare / Erv


Finally, making several cuts in the squalor, his friends get to free him.

Featured Image Credit: Newsflare / Erv

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