A Sperm Donor meets with his 19 Children at a Time

Sperm Donor, Children

Michael Rubino decided to become a sperm donor to help those couples who cannot have children. Two decades later, he has reunited with his 19 children all over the world.

When he was 30, Michael Rubino decided to become a sperm donor to help those who could not have children. Since then, thanks to him have been born 19 people who are currently between 16 and 21 years.

Although the majority of the donors are anonymous, Rubino left written in his file that if at any moment any of his children wanted to know his biological father. Before he knew it, more and more children were writing to him, and he was quick to respond.

For this reason, Michael decided to organize a meeting in his house so that all his children could attend and also could meet each other and see the similarities they had with their brothers. For example, 11 of them have blue eyes, just like their father.

The 19 young people live around the world but maintain the contact with their father thanks to the social networks.

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Featured Image Credit: Youtube.com/Inside Edition

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