A Talking Parrot himself Ordered a Parcel via the Internet 😲

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Everyone knows that parrots are very smart birds, but hardly anyone has guessed until today that these amazing creatures can make successful online purchases.

So, the 39-year-old resident of London, Koryenne Pretorius, was recently very surprised when a courier knocked at her door, brought a few gift boxes worth £ 10.

The woman informed the messenger that she had not bought anything like that, but the courier said that the mistake was unlikely.

After a short trial, it turned out that a voice order had indeed been made from the British computer. Corienne was truly astonished when she heard her pet on this record. A 5-year-old parrot named Jacques Buddy made use of the “Alexa” voice system of the company “Amazon”, ordering with the help of a microphone these same boxes for packing gifts.

The mistress of the house at that time was at work, unaware of the activity of her pet on the Internet.

On the record given to her from the store (in the form of proof), the mistress of the parrot clearly heard her talking bird asking to send cardboard gift boxes.

How Buddy came up with this idea is a real mystery. It should be noted that Jacobs are considered the most talented talking parrots. Living with a man, such a bird can remember more than one and a half thousand words.

Extensive research shows that Jacobs are also able to realize the meanings of many words, including abstract concepts.

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