An 8-year-old boy accidentally swallows a Whistle and Beeps every time he Talks

Whistle, Beeps

The boy swallowed his whistle during a birthday party.

After not expelling him naturally he was transferred to a hospital where the whistle was removed.

The doctor who took care of the small boy took pictures that quickly became viral.

An 8-year-old boy accidentally swallowed a whistle while holding a birthday party in Argentina.

After not being able to expel the whistle, the minor was transferred to the hospital where he had to be taken to extract the object. Dr. Gómez Zuviria, the doctor who attended the child, uploaded a video to warn the parents of the danger suffered by the children by carrying foreign objects into their mouths.

The video, which has become viral, was recorded in the emergency room of a hospital in the province of Tucumán.

In it, you can see how the kid looks silently and with serious countenance to the camera for a few seconds before opening his mouth to breathe and sound the whistle comically.

Fortunately, the boy recovered favorably.

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