‘Batman v Superman’: The Watchmen illustrator explains what could have failed in the Film

Batman v Superman, Dave Gibbons

It’s been over a year since he came to theaters Batman vs. Superman: The Dawn of Justice and even today, there are people wondering what could have failed in a movie that was on its way to becoming one of the premieres of the year.

Dave Gibbons is known for illustrating Watchmen but has also worked on several comic books by Batman, Superman, Dr. Who or Dan Dare, among others. That’s why CinemaBlend has not lost the opportunity to ask his opinion about the film directed by Zack Snyder and this is, according to him, the fault that has the tape:

I believe as I said earlier, that the trend in entertainment is now to do something that is more entertaining, less dark, more hopeful. And I think probably the flaw in the Batman and Superman movie was that it was too dark and that Superman was just as dark as Batman. For me, that does not really work, I think it’s the perfect opportunity to contrast both characters.

Be that as it may, the DC universe seems to have ended with the supposed curse that accompanied its releases. Wonder Woman has been an undoubted success, reaching more than 800 million worldwide.

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