Chinese Woman loses her Vision in One Eye after Playing Mobile Game for 24 hours

Mobile Game, Chinese Woman

In China, a 21-year-old girl lost her vision in one eye after playing with her cell phone for an entire day.

The woman who was addicted to video games lost her sight in her right eye on Sunday afternoon, after having been playing with her cell phone all day at her parents’ home in Guangdong province, reported.

She was diagnosed Wednesday with “Retinal Artery Occlusion” in her right eye at the city hospital.

One doctor noted that “retinal artery occlusion” was a condition associated with the elderly and rarely occurs in young people. He added that the woman’s blindness was probably caused by severe eye fatigue.

The woman, a financial worker at a company in the city, told reporters that her blindness was perhaps caused by having been with the video game for a long time, without rest.

She recognized that she became so obsessed she played after work and every weekend.

“On the days when I do not work, I usually get up at 6 in the morning, have breakfast and play until 4 in the afternoon. Then, as something, I take a break and start playing until 1 in the morning. (…) Sometimes I was so absorbed by the game that I forgot to eat and did not listen to my parents when they told me it was dinner time, “he said.

He said he now regrets not having heard his parents, who tried to persuade him to stop playing for a long time, the South China Morning Post reported.

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