COFFEE and CHOCOLATE will Disappear in the Coming Years by the 6th Extinction of the Planet

Coffee, Chocolate

COFFEE and CHOCOLATE will Disappear in the Coming Years by the 6th Extinction of the Planet

For some years now, several experts have begun to raise the alarm: the sixth great animal extinction on Earth is approaching.

And it is not an exaggeration since some data already confirm that in only 40 years until 58% of the animal species of the planet have disappeared.

Among those that remain, for a short time, are the Bengal tiger or the great blue whale , whose number of individuals is decimating at an alarming rate.

It is even possible that in just a couple of decades we know that the African elephant existed only thanks to textbooks.

However, very few have emphasized the other great extinction parallel to the animal world that lies ahead, that of food.

There are many types of crops that, along with animal extinction, will also perish, according to some experts.

As The Guardian has recently published, including coffee, chocolate, and potatoes, three types of food that could cease to exist in 40 or 50 years.

According to the current data, by 2055, 22% of the potato species will be extinct and up to 70% of the cocoa fields in Ghana and Côte d’Ivoire will have disappeared (in fact, coffee crops in Tanzania have already begun to fall: since the year 1960 they have fallen to 50% ).

Even so, and taking into account all the data currently available, these three foods are just a grain of sand between the great food extinction that is looming. There are currently 940 threatened food species.

Overexploitation will end up with some food

Although there is currently acceptable food biodiversity, preserving some foods with surprisingly high levels of nutrients and easy to obtain, overexploitation of some agricultural land is starting to be a serious problem: about 33% of the world’s crops do not have the necessary nutrients, although farmers have come up with alternative methods to feed them .

According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, agricultural production will be reduced to 2% per decade.

At the same time, demand for food will increase by 14% by 2050. The numbers do not square.

Fortunately, some types of seeds are able to withstand both heat and drought or flooding.

The current objective is to investigate these seeds thoroughly and to create high-yielding crops that are capable of fighting hunger in the right regions of the planet.

While it is true that the sixth great animal extinction should – and should – concern us, we must also take into account the food extinction that will end up affecting the 7 billion people who already inhabit the planet Earth.

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