Convicted to death by a message from WhatsApp

News that is unworthy, yes. Curious news today tells us about countries and religions. A strange mix in the 21st century that can end your life unpleasantly. Let’s go into detail. Unworthy, we warned you. By the way, we anticipate that this happened in Pakistan.

In July 2016, a court had charged Nadeem James of a Christian religion after a Muslim, Yasir Bashir, reported that James had sent him an insulting poem for the Prophet Muhammad in the WhatsApp application.

His lawyer, Anjum Wakeel, explained the following: “My client will appeal the sentence to the high court because he fell into the trap of his friend, who did not like James to attend a young Muslim.”

The trial was held in a jail for security reasons after Muslim leaders proffered insults against James and his family.

The incident occurred in the town of Sarai-Alamgir in the north of Punjab province in central Pakistan. The death penalty for blasphemy was introduced in Pakistan in 1986 under the military regime of General Mohamed Zia ul-Haq (1977-1988).

Human rights defenders criticize that law which, according to them, is often used to settle personal conflicts. Liberals also accuse conservatives of denouncing acts of blasphemy to silence their detractors.

You see, how these people spend them. Hoping this will never happen again. Nowhere in the world, in no time. Never.

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