Current tests for the Cancer Diagnosis are not Effective

Cancer Diagnosis

Modern methods of diagnosing such a deadly disease as cancer are not sufficiently informative.

Disease, as a rule, is revealed already at a late stage.

One of the most common ways to recognize cancer is to detect cancer markers (if simplified, the products of the life of tumors).

But recently, researchers from Wales made a sensational statement: it turns out that this method is practically not effective.

On the basis of the Cancer Center of South-West Wales, a large-scale study was conducted for 6 months.

It turned out that 17% of the 1747 patients who received the first examination was diagnosed with cancer in the end.

It would seem that the figure is quite good, but it was the oncomarker that indicated the diagnosis in only 2% of cases.

Of the patients who went to other departments of the center, in the primary link of 985 assigned tests, the diagnosis of cancer was diagnosed in 50 patients, of which he noted that only 5 people had cancer.

In the secondary link, 762 analyses were carried out. 244 patients were cancer patients, but oncomarkers detected the disease in only 40 patients.

As the author of the report, Craig Barrington, stated at the conference of the European Society of Medical Oncology (ESMO),

“Most of the tests for tumor markers did not lead to the diagnosis of a malignant tumor. And when the patients still found cancer, in most cases the markers did not contribute to the diagnosis of the disease. “

So it remains to hope for the development and implementation of more informative diagnostic methods because many forms of cancer can be cured at an early stage without waiting for the development of health-threatening processes.

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