Deadpool 2: New Teaser of the Long-Awaited sequel with Wade Wilson as Painter in his Spare Time

Deadpool 2, New Teaser,

In 2018 the long-awaited sequel to  Deadpool is released. The film by Ryan Reynolds as Wade Wilson will arrive in theaters within a few months and the expectation is maximum. All the fans of the first history of the superheroes, in general, are wishing to enjoy the new cinematic adventure of this funny character.

This Wednesday 20th Century Fox has presented a new development that begins in a very funny way with Wilson “painting” and joking about the best techniques to make original drawings on canvas. At the end of it there is a small ‘teaser’ full of action and shots that will delight all fans of mutants and non-mutants. Do not miss the final result of the family picture! 

Deadpool 2  continues the story of Wilson’s antihero Marvel and Fox hooligan, a character who fights evil even if he does not want to. That faces the most dangerous villains because he knows that it is his duty in a certain way since he possesses superhuman abilities. Ready for new emotions?

Featured Image Credit: MovieWeb.

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