Demi Moore goes Viral for a Video where She Harasses a Child

Demi Moore, Child, Harassment

Imagine that you are 15 years old and Demi Moore, 19 and that she is also literally crazy … for you and does not stop you from smooching all night, would you denounce her?

We all know the answer and that is probably why nobody realized until 35 years later, that according to the Law was committing a crime in the following video.

After the implications of harassment against several executives and celebrities in Hollywood, an old video of Demi Moore has resurfaced and apparently puts her in predicaments. In it seems to harass his co-worker in the General Hospital series that celebrated his birthday, the youngest of 15 years, Philip Tanzini.

Moore kisses the young man inappropriately and repeatedly in front of the camera. The explicit and lasting kisses aroused criticism from Internet users.

At one point in the video, Moore, who was then married to her first husband Freddy, says to the camera: “I love him, dear. He is one of my most favorite people … I love Philip and he is the only one I love. “

Philip says about the kiss: “We’re getting married. Do not let your husband find out. “

Moore replies: “I can not wait. He is great. It is, and I love it because it keeps me happy. “

Neither of them commented on the video since it was published. Despite the divorce, Demi was left with the surname Moore.

The video filmed in 1982, appeared for the first time in 2012 when she was married to the actor Ashton Kutcher, 16 years younger and at that time people noticed his love for the youngest.

On this occasion the context is different.

This is the video:

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