Electric Buses set a Record, having Traveled 1,772 KM with One Full Charge 😍

Electric Buses, Proterra

California Company Proterra with its Electric Catalyst Bus E2 Max set a new record for power reserve with one single charge, amounting to as much as 1,772.21 kilometers.

To achieve this record, the 12-meter bus was equipped with a 660 kWh battery, which is approximately equal to an electric 11 Chevy Bolt battery.

From the words of the company, through the use of fast charging technology, the full charge of the bus battery takes about an hour.

The previous distance record in a cargo belonged to the experimental electric car Schluckspecht E.

For our rather heavy electric buses to beat the previous world record, which was 1631 km and installed by an electric vehicle that is 46 times lighter than our Catalyst E2 Max, is quite a significant event and achievement,” commented the head of the commercial department of Proterra, Matt Horton.

This record achievement is a testament to our competent work on the design, the power system and the transmission of our buses.”

Transportation of electric freight and passengers has the potential to make a real revolution in transportation. For example, the UK postal service itself is already actively using electric vehicles for delivery. Recently, a luxury electric boat was introduced.

It should be noted that the positive effect of the use of electric vehicles has the potential to spread not only to the environment. Here you can see the economic benefits.

The same electric buses offer a lower cost per kilometer of travel, compared to the analogues that work with fuels. In addition, electrical systems are generally smaller parts that can be damaged, which in turn can significantly reduce the cost of depreciation.

As for the E2 Max bus catalyst, the Western media have reported that these models can be run on routes from the city of Los Angeles later this year.

Featured Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

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