Facebook is Copying one of MySpace’s worst Features: Snooping on when you Connect

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How many times has it happened that you post a Facebook post in the hope of having an avalanche of interactions but no one will answer you?

You wonder then if your ‘friends’ will not be online, as hooked as you. Now Facebook is testing functionality to get you out of any doubt.

If you are one of the early adopters of the internet you will remember one of the biggest musical platforms that has existed and one of the first social networks as such: MySpace.

The popular website that linked users with other users and music groups had a function that is now trying to copy Facebook: tell other users when it was the last time you connected or if you are currently online.

To give you an idea, it would be something like the “last connection” WhatsApp, who has been chiva for how long your partner has been connected or if it is online. That way, you can always bother a little more to answer faster. “Hey, I know you’re connected!”

This function can also be tested in the Facebook Messenger messaging app, although at the moment there is no arrival date on Facebook walls.

Although they discovered it in the technological portal of Mashable, the company of Zuckerberg did not want to make declarations on the matter…

So, for the moment, you can still maintain some privacy when you’re connected to Facebook and you can continue to gossip your friends without being caught.

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