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Facebook is testing functionality based on facial recognition, similar to the Face ID of the iPhone X so that users can recover their account when it has been blocked.

There are multiple reasons why Facebook can block a user’s account. In the end, almost all of them have to do with security. If the algorithms of the company determine that a profile is at risk it is blocked.

The user can not access with his normal password and has to prove his identity.

Facebook has tried several options to recover accounts, apart from the classic email to the address with which the user has registered.

Among them is the designation of ‘friends of trust’, which endorse a person in case your account has been blocked.

Another method is to ask the user affected by the block to identify photos of their friends among a series of images that are presented.

Their systems that are based on the social environment of the user when the truth is that the recovery of the account should only concern that person.

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Whether because Facebook has decided to make this process more intimate or because facial recognition has become fashionable or because it is actually an effective and safe measure, the social network is trying a new way to access your account similar to the Face ID of the iPhone X.

The new functionality has been known because Facebook is already doing field tests. For some blocked accounts, users were asked to look at the camera on their smartphone as one of the requirements to retrieve it. He was not the only one. It also continues to ask for a double authentication factor, as is the confirmation of identity through a code received by SMS.

This project has been filtered through Twitter when one of the people who was recovering their account has skipped the message “Look into the camera”.

At TechCrunch, they contacted Facebook, who confirmed that it is an optional feature. In any case, it can only be used on devices where the user has already accessed your account before.

This is one more way to ensure that a user is who he claims to be. Facial recognition as a safety factor is a time-consuming technology. Although its integration in the iPhone X has meant that many people know it now.

It is not known how the Facebook system works to give access to an account. But what does appear in the conditions of the social network, in the section where facial recognition permissions are explained, is that the platform obtains data from the profile photo and from those where the user is tagged.

From there, Facebook is able to determine whether or not a person is that user. Although in principle this is used for automatic labeling. It will be necessary to see if there is more information to nourish this functionality in the phase of tests.

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