Finally, Twitter Activates 280 characters per Tweet for All Users

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Twitter has ceased to be the social network of 140 characters to become the 280 characters, a historic change that has finally become official after a few weeks in tests.

The social network justifies the change among the arguments with which it emphasizes that to more speech more mentions, RT and followers.

In September Twitter announced that it had activated for a very small group of users the option to reach up to 280 characters in their tweets, something that, apparently, was very demanded by those countries that, like Japan, have a very different writing system to the western, or like Germany, whose words tend to be longer than those of other languages.

Now, finally, this option is available to all users. With a statement on his official blog, Twitter gives the kick-off to a historic change and that modifies the very conception of the bluebird microblogging network. Will the brevity of the content be lost with such a drastic change?

According to the data that Twitter has collected during the time that the test lasted, the users who activated the option at the beginning did write up to 280 characters, possibly the result of the novelty, although later their tweets have normalized, indicates the company, even up to less than 140 characters per message.

“We were worried that the timelines would be filled with Tweets of 280 characters and that people with the new limit would always use the entire space. But that did not happen. Only 5% of Tweets sent had more than 140 characters and only 2% had more than 190 characters, “they said in the statement.

More followers, more RT, and more mentions

In addition, this extension can also be good news for brands that use Twitter to promote themselves, since, according to the company, “people who had more space in a Tweet had more engagement (I like it, RT, @mentions), they got more followers and spent more time on Twitter. “

And this, they add, “made them feel more satisfied with the way they expressed themselves on Twitter, their ability to find good content and Twitter in general.”

The possibility of duplicating the content of a tweet from 140 to 280 characters will not be free of controversy. When it was leaked that this function was in the testing phase for some users, social networks began to talk about the ‘facebookization’ of Twitter.

It will be necessary to verify how they accept, reject or adopt the most influential users – in addition to the rest -, like Donald Trump, president of the United States, for example.

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