First look: With the new Corvette ZR1 2019 Chevy builds the Best Vette so far

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Here’s what you want to know: 755 hp, 715 lb.-ft. of torque, top speed of more than 210 mph, according to General Motors.

Unbelievable, is not it?

Also, you do not need to know how to use a clutch pedal to drive the 2019 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1. For the first time, the ZR1 will be available with an automatic transmission.

Like the fourth ZR1 in the history of the Corvette, the 2019 version is equipped with a supercharged 6.2-liter V8 engine and intake manifold compressor called the LT5. The supercharger is 52% larger in deflection than the Corvette Z06, which is not far in the performance division. In fact, the new carbon fiber hood of the car is open in the middle to clean the hardware.

The maximum power is made at 6,300 rpm, 100 rpm lower than the 650 hp Corvette Z06. The maximum torque is used at 4,400 rpm, which is 800 rpm above the 650 of Z06. The ZR1 weighs 10 pounds more than the Z06 and 171 pounds more than the previous ZR1.

A 7-speed manual transmission is standard, with the new option of 8 automatic speeds. With the automatic, you get a set of removable pallets, which are not mounted in the steering column, but on the steering wheel. The good news is that the new ‘Vette ZR1 has a variable relationship address, which helps, this commitment is not a problem.

A short history of the Corvette ZR1

A new Sebring Orange Design Package will make it virtually impossible to ignore the new Corvette ZR1. (CHEVROLET)

For the 1970 model year, Chevrolet offered the first ZR1 package, which was available for Vettes with the optional 5.7-liter engine LT8 V8, which was designed for 370 hp. This update installs suspension, brakes, and grade-of-hub cooling components, along with a 4-speed, heavy duty manual transmission. Only a few were assembled until 1972, because to get the surprise bag ZR1, the Corvette buyers had to transfer the comfort. You know, things like air conditioning and electric windows.

In 1990, the Corvette ZR-1 entered the race with a 5.7-liter 5.7-liter V8, designed by Lotus and built by Mercury Marine and named LT5. It generates 375 horsepower and, to manage performance, Chevrolet improves the brakes, steering and suspension of the car’s adaptive damping. The Corvette ZR-1 had 11-inch-wide rear wheels with a swollen body to accommodate them. The price was almost $ 60,000, a fortune then … and now. The car was discontinued after 1995; production amounts to less than 7,000 units.

Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 returned to the lineup for the year 2009. Equipped with a 6.2-liter V8 supercharged engine and completely hand-built, the third delivery ZR1 made 638 hp, he had a top speed of 205 mph and contained large volume of carbon fiber. Work, a magnesium front cradle, a unique rear-axle design, carbon-ceramic brakes, a magnetic suspension gearshift, a six-speed manual transmission with a double-disc clutch, and a launch control system to maximize acceleration. The last issue of this version of the ZR1 came off the line in 2013.

Function and Shape

Unlike with the original Corvette ZR1, you can add lots of creature comforts to the 2019 version, including heated and ventilated front seats, a Bose premium audio system, and the ultimate social media bragging tool, a Performance Data Recorder. (CHEVROLET)


In addition to taking the shortest bracket in the history of the model, the 2019 ZR1 Corvette automotive history continues to maximize performance and change its shape to meet the role.

For example, the new ZR1 has a redesigned front with huge air intakes to power four new radiators, bringing the total heat transfer to 13, according to Chevrolet. A new halo hood made of carbon fiber rises and opens in the middle to clean the larger compressor and intercooler. And two rear spoiler styles are available, which are directly connected to the chassis as in the Corvette C7.R.

A rear spoiler, mounted on a low pillar, is standard, along with a new front under-wing that delivers up to 70 percent more downforce compared to a Z06 base. A performance package available ZTK adds a rear wing adjustable attached, higher and 2-way without introducing drag post to provide significant additional downforce. This package also includes a front splitter with carbon fiber caps, Michelin summer tire performance tires, revised suspension settings and magnetic suspension.

Each Corvette ZR1 is equipped with rotors of carbon-ceramic brakes 2-piece calipers 6 pistons in the front and four aluminum pistons. The pilots Super Sport shoes are also standard, with the size P285 / 30ZR19 front and P335 / 25ZR20 rear.

A Sebring Orange design package is offered, which includes a captivating-I-now glossy exterior paint finish combined with interior seams and matching seat belts, as well as bronze-colored aluminum interior trim. Updates to the ZR1 standard equipment list include simulated suede seats, premium Nappa leather upholstery, heated and ventilated seats, racing seats, carbon fiber steering wheel, performance data recorder, premium Bose audio system and more.

If you have to ask, you can’t Afford it

Two rear wing designs are available for the 2019 Corvette ZR1, each tied directly to the chassis just like with the Corvette C7.R racing car. (CHEVROLET)

Chevrolet says the new Corvette ZR1 will be available in spring 2018. The price is not yet known, but if you have to ask, you probably can not afford it. Count six numbers, however, before the distributors add up the profit margin.

Nevertheless, it is likely that you can not adjust the overall performance of the ZR1 to its price, no matter how hard you try. In that sense, the car is still the negotiation that the Corvette has always been, while at the same time confirming itself as the definitive sports car of the United States.

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