Genius of Silicon Valley seeks to create a Religion that adores Artificial Intelligence

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Anthony Levandowski, a former Google employee, submitted a series of documents to the state of California to endorse a religion called “Way to the Future.”

American Anthony Levandowski, a genius of robotics, seeks a “religion” of which he is the CEO and president, to be accredited as such.

It is based on the principle that by promoting and developing a deity based on artificial intelligence, understanding and worshiping it, could contribute to the better understanding of society.

The religion is based on the concept of “Singularity,” a kind of belief that follows many of the brilliant minds working today in Sillicón Valley and especially Anthony.

This affirms that in the near future the machines will surpass the human intelligence, changing the world as we know it.

Being an entrepreneur all his life, the American was already considered a millionaire after being one of the creators of Google Street View.

Since he was little Levandowski already showed his love for robotics.

Only in his undergraduate years had he built a robot programmed to order money from the “Monopoly” board game.

That’s why, for 9 years, was one of the great minds of technology company Google.

However, today it is accused of having stolen more than 14,000 secret files belonging to the well-known Internet search engine.

The conflict came as only 6 months after retiring from Google, the robotic fan founded “Otto”, a company specializing in trucks that handle themselves.

This, in turn, was bought by Uber in 2006 and Anthony became the head of the project.

However, he was fired when he was charged with stealing confidential information that he used in the technology used to construct the vehicles.

But no matter what people say, the robotic expert has his way clear.

So the creation of a religion he calls “Way to the Future” is his new venture.

As he once mentioned in an interview: “I’m going to take the world, one robot at a time.”

For now, he presented a series of documents to the state of California to legalize the religion of which he is a leader.

The next step is to file an application with the Internal Revenue Service in the United States (IRS) to be free of restrictions. Then, if you accept it, you can travel the world spreading your beliefs.

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