Google Balloons Recovered Cellular Communications in Puerto Rico

Google Balloons

Project Loon – balloons from Google, were useful in real conditions.

With their help, the developers of the Alphabet Laboratory of Innovation, the parent company of Google, were able to partially restore the cellular communication in some areas of Puerto Rico, affected by the hurricanes Irma and Maria.

Work continues, and local authorities have already authorized the use of Google balloons to provide telecommunications services.

Now the developers are engaged in further integration and configuration of equipment.

The developers offered their services as early as September 29, saying that they were able to restore the cellular communication in the same way and with it the work of many services in Peru, where earlier telecommunication towers and other equipment broke down due to torrential rains.

Despite the fact that debugging has been going on for several days, the US Federal Communications Commission reports that there are still a lot of work, because in some places cellular communications and the Internet have been restored only by 20%, and in some regions, they have not appeared.

Project Loon balls are controlled using artificial intelligence, independently adapting to height and weather conditions, choose routes and catch upward air currents, while remaining in the specified locations.

The main thing is to adjust everything correctly and bring in more “balls” if necessary.

His willingness to help Puerto Rico was expressed by Ilon Mask, who promised to provide the Powerwall storage systems with the local affected areas.

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