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Google, Google My Business

The initiative seeks to provide companies with a space in the digital world so that they can promote their products and services in a simple way.

Google recently announced the entry into operation of Google My Business, the new service offered by the search engine on the internet so that businesses can have a space on the web without so much plot.

According to figures shared by the manager of SMEs in the Andean Region and the Caribbean of Google, Diego Camacho, in Colombia 72% of the buyers investigate on the internet before making their purchases, reason why this new service will give to the businesses an advantage competitive by making them visible on the web.

“Google my Business is an effort that has been advancing for years,” added Camacho explaining that with this new service, entrepreneurs will be able to tell their customers the contact phone number of their company, share their location, set service hours and share photos of your articles, among many other possibilities.

“Any business can create your first page in just 10 minutes for free, from your mobile phone, tablet or computer,” is the promise of ease offered by Google for all entrepreneurs who want to use this service to make their business appear on the internet.

As Camacho explained, there are three steps that the company must take to have its website: Create a profile in Google my Business, enter “Manage location” and click on the “Website” option, in this way businesses will be able to create your own website.

This medium knew that to date Google my Business has 10 templates that companies can choose and edit. Google spokesman said any company can be part of this service, from bloggers to hardware stores.

The address that the search engine will provide to the business that opens its profile in Google my Business will have the following template:, so for a hardware store that is called Everything in Materials your domain will be: All in .

To date Google my Business does not offer the possibility that companies can carry out transactions online through this portal, nevertheless, it emphasizes that the first step is to be able to be on the web and to grow in the possibilities of reaching new clients.

“It is our commitment to accelerate the digital adoption of SMEs,” Camacho concluded by making the invitation to all entrepreneurs take advantage of this opportunity.

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