Google will build its Own City of the Future

Google, City

It seems that Google will still listen to the advice of Pavel Durov about the creation in the future of his own independent state. And it will begin with the construction of a unique settlement. Specifically for this project, a completely new company, Sidewalk Labs, was created, headed by Daniel Doctoroff, former deputy mayor of New York for economic development.

The construction of the experimental city of Google will use the latest technologies in various fields. The settlement will not only become as environmentally friendly as possible but also incredibly comfortable for people’s lives. It is planned to start construction from a small area, where numerous technical solutions will be tested. If the project demonstrates its worth, several more will be built around the district.

The aim of this project is to prove that an innovative urban environment can significantly improve the quality of life of the population, as well as reduce the negative impact of large cities on the environment. High technologies will affect not only urban transport and infrastructure but also the sphere of city management and its social services. While Google does not disclose the location of the construction of the city of the future. The company’s management promises to publish more information in the very near future.

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