‘Gossip Girl’ Actor Ed Westwick Accused of Rape by Second Woman

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Actor Ed Westwick is accused of raping another woman. Aurélie Wynn told her how the girl in Gossip Girl abused her three years ago when she met him through a friend, according to Daily Mail.

Actress Aurélie Wynn, known as Aurelie Marie Cao, described on Facebook how everything happened, writes Daily Mail.

“In July 2014, I was led by Ed at Glendower Estates, following an invitation from a friend of mine who was meeting with his roommate, actor in the ‘Glee’ series. We spent five in the morning at sunrise, so we all decided to go to sleep because we had events and things to do the next day. There were a bunch of bedrooms there. Just like Kristina (the first actress who accused him of raping Westwick – n.red.), I refused my advances but pushed me down, and I was powerless under his weight. I was wearing a one-piece swimsuit I broke, I was shocked, I was very small, physically. When it’s over, I picked up my cell phone and discovered that the girl who invited me left or was kicked out. I did not have Wi-Fi access in that building, and I had to ask a friend to call me an Uber so I could go there while Ed was unconscious. “

The young woman confessed that her boyfriend, Mark Salling, actor in the “Glee” series, blamed her for what had happened, then left her.

“Mark, who claimed he did not know Ed, blamed me for what happened and left me. My other friends and other acquaintances told me that it would be best not to say anything about rape because nobody would believe me and everyone would say I’m trying to have ten seconds of celebrity. So I decided to keep silent, “the young woman said.

She said she found her courage to confess everything after reading the story of Khristina Cohen. This was the first young woman who made a rape accusation against the actor. She also revealed on a social network that the actor raped her three years ago when she was visiting his residence.

Ed Westwick reacted to the actress’s posting and denied that she had raped her. Moreover, she said she did not even know the actress: “I do not know this woman. I never forced a woman, in any way. I certainly have never raped. “

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