Have You Ever Wondered Why Doors in Public Bathrooms do not Reach the Ground? Here The Answer!

Doors, Public Bathrooms,

These doors can be found in shopping malls, offices and other public places. And maybe you’ve noticed that they never reach the ground level. At first glance, it seems surprising. But there is a reasonable explanation.

Without a doubt, at least once we have all used a public bathroom, for example, in a shopping center. But few people have asked why the toilet doors do not reach the floor.

There are many reasons for this. But we will explain them in order.

1. Think a Little Bit

Doors, Public Bathrooms,

You do not have to think long to understand that in the first place it serves a practical purpose. This reduces the number of indecent acts in most bathrooms.

2. Economy

Doors, Public Bathrooms,

Maybe they do everything to save money. After all, buying and cleaning short doors is much more practical than a large door. Maybe! But there are other reasons.

3. Security

Doors, Public Bathrooms,

The most important reason is the security measures. During an emergency situation, one could leave the cab even if the door jams. This is extremely important, especially for children.

4. It’s Very Comfortable!

Doors, Public Bathrooms,

On the other hand, it reduces the waiting time. Because in this way you can easily understand if the bathroom is occupied or not.

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