IOS 11 arrives: 11 Features of Apple’s new Operating System

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After the presentation of the new iPhone models, September 19 is the day marked in the calendar that the Apple fans have been waiting for some time: the new iOS 11 operating system is launched.

Apple does not give stitch without thread and, year after year, after the pertinent presentations of new iPhone arrives the update of the operating system that will accompany them and that will leave obsolete some previous models. It’s programmed obsolescence through software, and at Apple, they’re geniuses at that.

Beyond business strategies, what brings us the new iOS 11 could be summarized in the following points:

1. Control center: Apple introduces a feature already present in Android versions, such as modifying at your whim the functions of the control center. This way you can put the flashlight, alarm, night mode or quick access to the camera where you like.

2. Drive mode: Now your iPhone will know when you are driving and will prevent you from using it in the meantime. It looks like magic, but it is not. It is a very appreciated security measure. When your terminal is blocked, for this reason, the person who writes or who calls you will receive a message to inform you that you are behind the wheel.

3. Live Photos: Apple continues to investigate the terrain of animated photographs, and in this case gives a twist to make them even more lively. Add the ‘loop’, ‘bounce’ and ‘long exposure’ options.

4. More filters: Also related to photography, iOS 11 allows users to use more photographic filters inspired by classic photography. And good news: although the quality of the photos is the same, now weigh much less.

5. New App Store: Apple’s app store has undergone a deep redesign to make it easier for you to purchase music, videos, and applications.

6. Improvements on Siri: Apple’s voice assistant is also evolved in this new version, with more expressiveness and a more natural voice.

7. Apple Music: Apple’s music application now includes a social component, so you can see what your other friends are listening to that are also using Apple Music.

8. App ‘Files’: this new application for iPad was a desire of many users of the popular tablet: now finally you can have all the files in the same folder as an app.

9. Improved multitasking: Also in the area of iPad, multitasking adds ‘Slide Over’ and ‘Split View’ to open the second app directly from the Dock and both remain active.

10. Scan and Sign: A new function for iPad that, with its camera, can scan a document, crop it and eliminate the reflections so that you can sign it with the Apple Pencil.

11. Compatible Devices: This is the complete list of devices that can use iOS 11

iPhone: iPhone 6, iPhone 6, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 7, iPhone 7

iPad: iPad Pro 12.9 “, 2nd generation, iPad Pro 12.9”, 1st generation, iPad Pro 10.5 “, iPad Pro 9.7”, iPad Air 2, iPad Air, iPad, 5 IPad 2, iPad 2, iPad 2, iPad 2

iPod: iPod touch, 6th generation.

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