His son has gone to jail and his daughter, who has just made public his homosexuality on Instagram, has no relation to him

Etta Ng is the daughter of Jackie Chan (Hong Kong, 1954), the highest-grossing Oriental star in Hollywood and the fifth highest paid actor in 2017, above, for example, Tom Cruise or Robert Downey Jr. Etta is 18 years old and has just published an image on Instagram in which he poses before a neon with the colors of the rainbow and under which he has written the following hashtags: #lgtbqai #lgtb #lesbian and #androgynous.

The world has received the message with the normality it deserves. Except for his father, a multimillionaire guy (Forbes calculates his fortune in 350 million euros) to which his family life has turned his back on him.

It can be said that Chan’s daughter, Etta Ng, has taken a double courageous step: to leave the closet and do it in China, where only 6% of lesbian women are openly in society, according to a survey published by The Economist in 2015.

🌈 #lgbtqai #lgbt #lesbian #androgynous

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(The image that Jackie Chan’s daughter has uploaded to Instagram.)

At the same time, Andi Autumn, a manga-looking Canadian living in Hong Kong and hoarding almost 100,000 followers on her Instagram account, posted an image posing with Etta (@stolenmilktea on Instagram, with only three photos published up to the rainbow and little more than 2,000 followers) and a text that confirms the romance between the two.

How can the daughter of a Hollywood superstar have so few followers in this social network when we live in a world where networks have become the great showcase of the children of industry?

It is likely that the answer is that although she is a daughter of Chan, Etta Ng has never exercised as such.

We have not seen her in premieres of her father’s hand, there is not even a photo of the two together.

And while Etta Ng has been cautious in expressing herself only through hashtags, Andi Autumn has left clues in this regard. Here is what he wrote under the image of the couple:

“I’ve never met anyone like @stolenmilktea. It’s given me a chance to express the thoughts that run through my head.” “No judgments, just understanding.” “It was all against us.” “We’ve been pushed over and over again, but worth knowing. We have overcome all the difficulties we had this year and we are finally headed in the right direction, we have a way to go. We have encountered a great deal of discrimination on the part of family, friends and society. Hong Kong.We live in an international city and people still have their minds so closed.Nothing of that matters when I know that every morning you are going to be by my side.I love you. “

(The image of Etta with her partner, Andi.)

Can we conclude that Jackie Chan has not approved of his daughter’s relationship with another woman?

That would be risky: the actor has appeared in an American spot that encouraged young LGBT to publicize their sexual tendencies without fear (although there are critical voices in China like the singer Anthony Wong who condemn him for not being involved in this cause in your own country).

It should begin by pointing out that there is no relationship between them nor need to give or receive approval of anything.

At age 15, Etta – who was educated in Switzerland – gave a statement collected by the Daily Express stating that she did not consider Jackie Chan her father and was not willing to forgive him. “He’s my biological father, but he’s never been in my life.”

Etta’s mother, Elaine, met Jackie Chan in 1998 and had a brief affair while he was married (still married today).

In October 1999 Elaine told the press she was pregnant with the action star.

Chan just commented that “he had made a mistake that any single man [although he was not single] in the world can commit.”

The actor has never recognized Etta as his daughter and does not talk about it in interviews.

“Sometimes it’s better not to mention certain things. Let nature take its course,” he says.

That Chan’s attitude was irresponsible is true.

That his family life seemed doomed from the beginning, too.

In 2015 the actor told China Press that he had been forced to marry actress Joan Lin in 1982 after she became pregnant and gave birth to Jaycee, the interpreter’s other son.

A strange fact: they are still married today, but Joan Lin has not made any more films after their marriage.

Chan also had no close relationship with Jaycee as he grew up and he was too busy carving out a future as a movie star in Los Angeles. In 2014, Jaycee was arrested for possession of marijuana in his apartment in Beijing and sentenced to six months in jail.

Something that, paradoxically, and according to Chan, healed the relationship between the two.

The Hollywood Reporter echoed in 2015 a statement by the star stating that the prison had been good for her son, had made him mature and their relationship had become closer.

Chan has just announced that he will shoot the fourth installment of the saga Rush Hour.

His estate, estimated by Forbes at 350 million euros in 2015 (only in 2017 won 49), does not seem to stop growing at a time when the gigantic Chinese market is opening to Hollywood blockbusters and he is the perfect ambassador to fight between both titans and to put itself in front of the most successful projects of both nationalities.

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