Japan Confirms the Death of a Young Journalist who worked 159 extra hours in a single Month

Journalist, Japan

A 31-year-old NHK journalist died in 2013 due to her long working days and lack of rest, the Japanese public corporation acknowledged today, in a new death toll from overwork in Japan.

The Tokyo labor authority established in May 2014 that Miwa Sado, who worked in the NHK offices in that capital, performed 159 overtime hours and delivered only two days in the month prior to his death as a result of “insufficiency congestive heart, “a public-service statement said.

The journalist was in charge of the local information and covered in the period of little more than a month the elections to the Government of Tokyo and the ones of the Upper House of the Parliament, that were celebrated the 21st of July, three days before its death.

The public network acknowledged that it has decided to report on the cause of Sado’s death three years after the authorities considered him “karoshi” (death by overwork in Japanese) at the request of the journalist’s family, repeat a case like this again.

In a statement, NHK said that the death of his partner is taken “very seriously” and that the chain is now “reviewing the work system of employees to introduce changes and thus ensure the health of workers.”

Several alarming cases of death from overwork have recently revived in Japan the concern in the Asian country about national occupational health, and especially for its more extreme problem, the “karoshi”.

The government published a report in response to these cases in 2016, which showed that in Japan almost a quarter of employees may exceed the maximum of 80 extra hours per month stipulated by the country’s legislation.

The impact of the incidents also led the Executive to approve last December a package of emergency measures aimed at preventing further deaths and increasing surveillance on companies to ensure that they comply with the regulations.

In 2015, at least 2159 people committed suicide in Japan for work-related causes – 675 of them out of fatigue – according to the Ministry of Labor.

Featured Image Credit: National Post

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