Jupiter will pass Venus on early morning of 13 November in a Low but Close Conjunction

Transit of Venus from Jupiter‬, ‪Venus‬, ‪Jupiter‬, ‪2012 Venus Jupiter Mercury conjunction

The apparent distance between the two planets on Sunday morning will be reduced to less than half and will be separated in less than a degree, and on Monday morning, appear closer and rise in tandem, one next to the other – Venus on the left and a Jupiter Dimmer on the right side.

From the eastern United States, they are separated by just 17 arc-minutes (0.28 degrees), equivalent to less than three-fifths of the apparent breadth of the moon. From the western United States, as they climb the gap between the planets, it will easily expand to 21 arc-minutes (0.35 degrees), reports the online portal Space.

Both planets are not close to each other and are aligned terrestrially.

Venus will be 152,000,000 miles (246 million km) from us, while Jupiter is nearly four times farther, to 594,000,000 miles (956 million km), said that it is the portal.

The conjunctions between Venus and Jupiter are anything but rare events that occur at average intervals of 13 months.

If the weather permits, for those observers who have no high obstacles such as trees or buildings on the east-northeast, these “double planets” should be a very striking visual spectacle, certainly attracting the attention of those who do not “Do more than just take a look at the sky,” Space added.

Featured Image Credit: EarthSky

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