Justin Bieber publicly expresses his support for the Black Lives Matter movement 👍

Justin Bieber, Black Lives Matter movement

Canadian pop singer Justin Bieber, who has been present in recent years in the international press because of his problems with North American courts rather than political positions, has unexpectedly expressed his support for the Black Lives Matter through a message published on Friday in Instagram, AFP informs.

The 23-year-old Canadian artist who interrupted his world tour at the end of July without giving fans any explanation published a message on his social network account, Instagram, in which he says he supports the struggle that the movement Black Lives Matter takes her to denounce the American police violence on black people.

“I am a Caucasian Canadian and I can never know what it means to be a color American person, but I know I want to do something about it and use my voice to denounce racism,” wrote the artist in that message.

“It’s a real problem I’ve never seen as present as I am in my life,” Justin Bieber added in the text accompanying a photo showing the official logo of the Black Lives Matter movement.

The former star child of pop music generally does not venture into politics. However, he said in an interview in 2011 that abortion is “a crime.”

In 2014, an older video was published on the internet that presented Justin Bieber, then a teenager, while saying a racist joke and using the word “black”, considered an insulting term to blacks.

After the release of that clip, the young Canadian singer made public apologies.

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Featured Image Credit: Youth Incorporated Magazine

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