Man Lose 50 kg with Eating only Potatoes for One Year


Taylor mixed two different types of potato. According to many nutritionists, the potato is “a source of energy” capable of supplying the body with fiber, iron and vitamins.


Andrew Flinders Taylor, an Australian citizen, decided to undergo a diet consisting of consuming only potatoes. Many thought he was crazy.

But this father of two children in Melbourne managed to lose the incredible figure of 50 kilos within a year.

At first glance, it is an incredible and somewhat reckless fact, because most nutritionists recommend following a balanced diet plan containing proteins, carbohydrates, vegetables, fruits, dairy and fats.

But then, how could this radical diet work?

It is important to know that Taylor had medical supervision and the help of a dietitian.

The man trusted that he could get all the necessary proteins if he ate a mixture of sweet and white varieties of the tuber.

“I’m getting over 600% iron and over 400% vitamin C, plus lots of fiber.” Taylor has assured ‘The Independent’.

“The only concern was calcium, the potatoes have calcium but maybe not enough. To be sure I was ingesting what my body needed, I ate it mixed with organic soy milk to make a mashed potato.”

Nutritionist Rhiannon Lambert calls potatoes “a source of nutrition,” and explains that they are full of fiber and have a low energy density.

White potatoes contain all the essential amino acids that are needed to generate proteins, repair cells and fight diseases, but only eating potatoes can cause a deficiency of vitamins in the body.

For this reason, Taylor began to mix them with sweet potatoes, rich in vitamins A, E and C.

During the first few months of his diet, Taylor has ensured that he just did complementary physical exercise.

Subsequently, he began to make, for an hour and a half a day, a static bicycle.

Although he had to bring his own potatoes to his friends’ houses and all the restaurants in advance so the chefs could cook them, Taylor remains a tuber fanatic a year later.

“My health continues to improve, I had high cholesterol, but now it is low, my blood pressure has gone down and my blood sugar has dropped,” he said, “every time I get a new blood test, it just gets better.” The Australian daring concluded.

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