MeTro – a Unique Glue that Heals WOUNDS


To date, there are several projects whose goal is to create a universal glue that can stop bleeding or heal a wound on the human body.

Different research teams approach the problem from different sides.

Take at least the scientists from the Australian University in Sydney, who used extremely elastic proteins to create the glue.

The glue, called MeTro, is able to seal the wound even on the lung, and in the end, accelerate its healing.

The glue contains proteins that, when exposed to ultraviolet light, are converted into a very elastic material, much more durable than the tissues of organs.

After the injection into the wound, MeTro glue completely seals it for one minute.

Gradually, it dissolves, restoring and combining the torn tissues.

With the help of this glue, you can get rid of the seams or metal staples that are commonly used in medicine today.

Glue can be successfully used in emergency cases, for example, in car accidents or in combat zones.

“Convenience of the formula of MeTro glue lies in the fact that when injected into the wound and in direct contact with tissues, it immediately forms a gel, bypassing the phase of the liquid. It is completely non-toxic and extremely convenient to use, “Professor Nasim Annabi told reporters.

Another unique feature of the glue is that it can be programmed for a certain time of resorption in the wound to allow the body to have time to heal the wound.

This is done with the help of special enzymes.

Glutinous cork can dissolve in a few hours, and maybe in a few months.

Scientists tested the glue on wounded lungs, as well as other internal organs of laboratory pigs and even on damaged arteries.

In all cases, the glue coped with the task simply superbly.

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