More than 15,000 Scientists Launch an Alert to Save the Planet and Human Life

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Our planet is in serious danger. That is the conclusion reached by a group of more than 15,000 scientists who have warned, for the second time in 25 years, of the dangers of global warming caused by our habits.

The damage that the planet on which we live is “serious, substantial and irreversible”, according to experts and affirms that at present there are “obvious signs that we are going down a road that is unsustainable”.

The warnings have come in a paper published in the journal BioScience with the following title: ‘Warning of the world’s scientists to humanity: A second warning’, which also points out some ways to get reverse, as far as possible, a catastrophic situation for all.

The problems they point out are clear: climate change, deforestation, lack of access to fresh water, the extinction of species and the growth of the human population. The only thing that has improved, since the 1992 report, is the ozone layer. A test, according to experts, that ‘with will, you can’.

And for that, they provide tangible data: the 35% increase in the human population (more than 2,000 million people since 1992), a reduction in freshwater of 26% or the increase in dead zones in the oceans. Precisely 29% of the number of mammals, reptiles, amphibians, birds and fish are being lost; so the scenario seems to be, at best, apocalyptic.

However, in this case, “Humanity is not taking the urgent measures necessary to protect our biosphere in danger,” as the situation is worsening “alarmingly.” Therefore, they ask to create a current of pressure and protest with which to deal with these problems that can endanger humanity.

Concrete measures
The document does not stop at mere reflection and proposes concrete measures to find a solution to a problem of this scope. Specifically, create more terrestrial and marine reserves, strengthen enforcement of laws against poaching and restrictions on trade in wildlife.

In addition, more daily measures are also proposed such as expanding family planning and education programs for women, promoting a diet change based on plants and the “widespread” adoption of renewable energies and “green” technologies. These are just some of the proposals.

And that nobody thinks that they are alarmists. They themselves deny this and refer that they “are recognizing the obvious signs that we are going down an unsustainable path”: “We hope that our document ignites a broad public debate on the environment and the global climate”.

The writing has involved several live Nobel prizes, has counted on more than 1,700 signatures and has shown that the situation of the planet has been seriously aggravated in recent years.

Something that, on the other hand, can be felt at a glance: the rains are little by little more scarce, the temperatures higher, and the number of species that are extinguished increases by leaps and bounds. How long can we continue living in this way?

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