Mozilla Launches its Fastest Version of Firefox to Overtake Google Chrome

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The software company Mozilla today released Firefox Quantum, the “fastest” version of its browser and the one that has brought the most update since its inception, in 2004, in order to overtake its main competitor, Google Chrome.

“It’s fast, very fast, Firefox Quantum is twice as fast as Firefox 6 months ago, it uses a completely revised central engine with new technology, stolen from our advanced research group, and adorned with a renewed image,” the company said. a statement.

In a video prepared for the launch, the company compares the loading speed of Firefox Quantum and Google Chrome on some of the most popular web pages, from Instagram to the Google search engine, and shows how its new browser overtakes the rival in the majority of sites that are not owned by the technological giant.

The navigator represented by a reddish fox gives a “qualitative leap” in terms of speed, stability and visual appeal, starting with a new user interface called Photon whose “objective is to modernize and unify” the service on different devices and screens, exploded the company.

Also, Mozilla indicated that Quantum’s performance is higher because its CSS engine has “multiple cores that have been optimized to achieve low power consumption”.

The tab on which the user is browsing will have “priority over all others”, which leads to a “better use” of system resources, they added.

The latest version of the browser is the result of Project Quantum’s research, a division of Mozilla aimed at “building the next generation web engine for Firefox users” based on the Gecko engine.

“It’s by far the biggest update we’ve made since we launched Firefox 1.0 in 2004, it’s just better in every way possible,” says the firm, which has collaborated with more than 700 code programmers since the introduction of an early version of Quantum, before the beta, in August.

Coinciding with this “radical redesign” of Firefox, Mozilla has also renewed its logo, which maintains with simpler lines its well-known figures of the fox and the sphere, and the reddish and blue colors.

 Featured Image Credit: TheHackerNews.

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