New Delhi is so heavily involved in Air Pollution that United Airlines has Stopped Flights

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New Delhi, By USAToday: New Delhi officials are so uncomfortable on a plan to ration the use of private vehicles in the midst of a cloud of pollution Monday that United Airlines has stopped flights to the capital of India, while many residents have worn masks for Sunday walks.

Many schools have closed since the toxic amount of air in the region fell a week ago. The government has banned most construction and industrial activities. Most trucks and heavy vehicles have been parked. The residents were urged to stay indoors and wear masks outside.

“Enter the house even if you close the windows,” said Shyami Sodhi, a resident of Delhi, to Sky News. “It’s hard to breathe.”

The city is considering a plan to blow up water from fire engines and water cannons to remove the haze.

An environmental pollution crisis is not new to the region. The city is full of old cars, trucks and motorcycles that cause unhindered environmental pollution through mitigation technology. Cooking and industrial emissions contribute to the problem. And in the spring and fall, the harmful garbage clouds and agricultural debris burned outside the city can roll for weeks.

“The people at the India Gate (commemoration) who walk in the morning say it’s hard to breathe … and many wear masks,” the Indian Express reported.

The Government of Great Britain has issued a notice to travelers that “serious air pollution in Delhi poses a major threat to public health”. Especially children, the elderly and people with pre-existing illnesses could be affected, warns the government.

United Airlines spokesman Jonathan Guerin said the airline, one of the largest in the world, is monitoring alerts while the region is fighting a “public health emergency”.

“United has temporarily suspended our Newark Delhi flights due to air quality issues in Delhi, and there are currently exemptions for customers traveling to and from Delhi,” Guerin said in a statement.

The plan to temporarily restrict the use of private vehicles to odd number plate numbers should come into effect on Monday but set a speed limit when federal environmental officials refused to grant exemptions to women and men. Two-Wheeled vehicles. Local officials said the exemptions were crucial and concerned about the viability of the overburdened public transport system and women’s safety.

“Odd-even should not satisfy everyone’s ego,” said spokesman Saurabh Bharadwaj of the Aam Aadmi Party. “Women in need of protection cannot be exposed to risks – the Delhi government is committed to security and protection.”

If exceptions can be granted, the plan should at least alleviate traffic and pollution.

The Indian Meteorology Department said that the high humidity had helped to block the city’s dense air, but gave a small glimmer of hope: the light rains predicted for Tuesday and Wednesday could destroy the ceiling that held the area. As a hostage.

Featured Image Credit: Hindustan Times.

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