Patriots WR Matthew Slater leaves the game against the Broncos with a Thigh Injury

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By All22: Matthew Slater, the patriot of New England, is probably ready for the remainder of his Sunday Night football match against the Denver Broncos.

Slater fell with a thigh injury and the team announced that he was not sure if he would return to the game.

He’s been struggling with this injury for the last season and lost the first four games.

Slater is one of the most respected players in his wardrobe and he comes from the best season of his career. In 2016, he made Pro Bowl for the sixth consecutive year but was also named the first All-Pro team.

Special teams are the main reason why the Patriots lead the Broncos 26-9 in half. After three games in the inaugural series of the game, the wide receiver of WFC, Isaiah McKenzie, dropped the kick.

The Patriots took advantage of the large field position and scored a touchdown.

The Broncos kicked a field goal in the next series, but the Patriots responded by running back with a 103-yard touchdown return from Dion Lewis.

It all happened before the eight-minute mark of the first quarter, but the Broncos still had a mistake in the special team in the second quarter. They got a punt kick and it resulted in a Patriots Field Goal.

Featured Image Credit: NBC Sports.

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