Peaking: A Technique That Delays Your Orgasm

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Today in our curious news of the day we talk about an innovative technique that comes from the Anglo-Saxon world. And it is none other than peaking, a technique that helps you delay your orgasm. A series of techniques that will help you to extend the climax and develop a full sexual session. Let’s get to know more about this new technique.

Peaking is a technique that involves delaying orgasm as much as possible, to increase its intensity. It is fashionable in the United States, and in the United Kingdom, and has been recommended by sexologist Tracey Cox. It could be translated as “reaching the top”.

The trick is to slow down the act of sex, slow it down to increase the pleasure, and give the body time to prepare for a higher orgasm. In order to succeed in this technique, great coordination with the partner is required. If you can get it you will feel a sense of well-being and pleasure that will spread to the whole body as the Kamasutra says.

 Practice to prolong orgasm

Controlling orgasm: Consists of being aware of how it is approaching, and we must be very attentive to our body and the sensations we experience. It is not a matter of blocking it, but staying focused on the sensation, continuing slowly and slowing down the pace.

During the control of the orgasm can diminish the erection: Nothing happens, the quality of the orgasm does not depend on the rigidity of the erection. We can give ourselves to kisses and caresses, remember that it is a natural process that does not need stimulation.

First step: Contraction of the perineum, accompanied by a deep inspiration, then relax when we exhale.

Enjoying: That will trigger a hormonal flood and the sensation of pleasure will spread throughout the body.

And now everyone to practice this technique. For all of us, it can be wonderful. A for that. Another day, we promise, we will talk about the health benefits of peaking. The promised debt is to be remembered.

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