Real costume of “Iron Man” (4 Photos + Video)

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For sure, everyone would like to fly in the costume of an Iron Man. Unfortunately, it does not exist. But, there was a curious prototype, which was created by the Englishman Richard Browning. Not so long ago, he set a new record in it.

The real “Iron Man” is not at all old man Ilon Mask, a billionaire and inventor, and Richard Browning is an enthusiastic designer from the UK. Some time ago he founded the Gravity project, the purpose of which was the creation of an individual flying device, a suit that would allow you to climb into the sky. Browning has already managed to get into the Guinness Book of Records for creating the fastest flying prototype suit, propelled by turbines located on the pilot’s hands.

Just the other day the inventor showed a new model of his Gravity, which was thoroughly refined and improved in several directions. Another demonstration of the costume took place in British Reading. The show was held at the local lake park.

During the tests, the inventor managed to fly to a height of more than 100 meters and maintain speed at around 48 km / h. At certain moments of the flight, Browning’s speed in the suit reached 51.5 km / h, which became an absolute record for the entire existence of Gravity.

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