Rubber Sandals: The most Dangerous Shoes for Children

Rubber sandals, Children

Rubber sandals, also known as crabs, are the star shoe of summer, but do you know that you can be putting your children’s feet at risk? Children’s Guide tells us why … Attentive!

Who has not won a Rubber sandals during his childhood or has he never worn it to his children?

This type of footwear has been for decades the top of the summer shoes, both for children and adults … but, you know they are not as harmless as they seem?

The plastic of these shoes causes blisters and burns to emerge from the heat. The last to suffer the consequences of the rubber footwear was Esmé, the daughter of Lisa Connor, who has not hesitated to share in social networks the wounds that her daughter has suffered because of Rubber sandals.

Rubber sandals – The most dangerous shoes for children (Source – Mercury Press)

The little girl took the “Rubber” shoes for half an hour, and the danger to her feet soon arrived. Ankle cuts and burns, as you can see in the photograph.

The girl’s mother decided to share the brand of sandals, Next Jelly, and the images have gone around the world, terrorizing thousands of fathers and mothers.

Of course, you also have to know that the brand of the shoes was low cost, so the material leaves much to be desired. Esmé Connor’s foot could not transpire, and being plastic, in times of heat, blisters, cuts, and burns are very frequent.

Nor should one be guided by the prices of the shoes, not because they are more expensive they have to be better. Crocs or Hawaiian ‘made in China’ clogs, although they appear to be made of cork or plastic, are often made from recycled products that come from containers used to store pesticides. In addition, its bright colors in view of the smallest have a higher lead content.

This is not the only complaint about crabs, some crocs clogs have caused accidents by getting hooked on escalators. This has caused serious injury to many children, in places like Japan, the United States or Singapore.

So, if you want to keep your feet safe, choose to invest a little more in quality footwear. The homologated crocs, the originals, are made with croslite, a comfortable, hygienic and resistant to odors material that is also antibacterial and adherent. This type of sandals is frequent in hospitals, doctors choose to wear them as they are comfortable and safe.

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