Russian Cannibal Couple were Arrested for Killing and Eating more than 30 People 😲

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Today in our curious news of the day, we talk about cannibalism. And not in a lost village of old Europe. Not in the middle of Russia, they see it.

And the protagonists are a couple accused of murdering and eating at least 30 people. Although suspected may be more. Let’s know the news in detail.

Russian police have arrested a pair of so-called cannibals suspected of eating between seven and 30 people in Krasnodar, southern Russia, NTV television reported on Tuesday.

According to the Education Committee quoted by the media, a few days ago Russian security forces arrested a 35-year-old man in connection with the finding of a bucket and a package with dissected fragments of a female body.

The discovery took place in the territory of an aviation school of the region of Krasnixar (south of Russia). The arrest of the suspect was possible after a worker who worked on the road found a mobile phone with images of pieces of a human body.

A 35-year-old man and his wife were arrested. They would have eaten dozens of people.

Later, according to the source, the wife of the alleged cannibal was also detained. The macabre couple, according to some sources, had operated in the region since 1999. And it could have committed multiple murders.

According to the media, in addition to feeding on human flesh, the presumed cannibals prepared preserves with the remains of their victims.

You see how they are spent some.

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