Samsung has Opened a Laboratory for the study of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Canada

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It seems that Canada is becoming the world’s unofficial center for research in the field of artificial intelligence.

It is difficult to explain this, but it is to this state that large companies engaged in the development of AI come from all over the world.

Earlier, Google Corporation with its DeepMind settled in the city of Edmonton, Apple opened in Ottawa Center for research in the field of unmanned vehicles, and before that, Canada has relocated and such giants as Facebook and Microsoft.

The company Samsung decided to keep up with colleagues and also opened an AI laboratory in Canada.

“Why did the technology giants suddenly reach Canada?” You ask.

The thing is that the government of this state annually invests in the development of AI to 125 million dollars.

Laboratory Samsung opened at the University of Montreal. This implies that the teachers of the educational institution, along with the students, will take an active part in the research of artificial intelligence.

It is at this university that Professor Joshua Bengo, known for his many years of cooperation with Samsung Corporation, works.

The laboratory sets itself the goal of research in several directions at once, including unmanned vehicles, pattern recognition, translation of text and voice, and the development of robotics.

Samsung’s management is building far-reaching plans and has no illusions that the laboratory will bear the first fruits in the very near future.

The development of artificial intelligence is quite a difficult task, the solution of which will take years of hard work of hundreds of specialists and tens of millions of dollars of investments.

It’s not a secret for anyone that Koreans tend to be at the forefront of technology and do not want to lag behind their Western competitors in anything.

Voice-assisted AI-assistant Bixby was the first sign that Samsung is actively working in this direction.

Featured Image Credit: The Asian Age

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