Saved a Child from Drowning on their Wedding Day 😲


Clayton Cook from the Canadian Ontario certainly would not have thought that his wedding day would end. Actually, he and his freshly-married wife, Brittany, only wanted to shoot a few beautiful reminder photos along the river.

But as the photographer took a few solo shots of the bride, the attentive bridegroom watched as a child was pushed into the water behind them. Clayton did not hesitate.

Clayton Cook jumped and saved the boy.

Even before the others noticed it, he jumped behind and pulled the little one out of the water. The boy came away with the horror.

He had watched the children before because they were so close to the water, Cook told the BBC. “When I suddenly found the boy in the water and saw that he could barely hold his head up, I jumped.”

Wife first thought he was kidding

Wife Brittany first thought her husband had just jumped into the water for fun. But he was not surprised at the fact that he acted so quickly and selflessly. This is typical of him and also the reason why she fell in love with him.

The wedding photographer, who documented the event, was also impressed: “His quick reaction saved the little boy’s life”, he wrote enthusiastically to Facebook: “Well done, sir!”

Featured Image Credit: Hatt Photography

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