Scientists from Krasnoyarsk invented Artificial Soil 😲

Artificial Soil, Krasnoyarsk

The deteriorating environmental conditions of our planet can lead to the fact that soon we will stop calling it “green”. Not a small contribution to the situation contributes to soil contamination. But, according to the TASS agency, scientists of the Siberian Federal University in Krasnoyarsk have invented artificial soil for reclamation (in other words, restoration) of the soil.

In appearance, artificial soil resembles a light carpet, which can be spread almost anywhere. The soil was called Biomat. It is based on a natural fiber, which is impregnated with a special composition that allows you to maintain strength for a long time. On this basis, organic fillers containing biologically active additives and binders of natural origin are applied. If necessary, hydrogels can be added to the biomat composition, which increases the ability of the artificial soil to retain water. As explained by one of the authors of the study, Alain Burnova.

“Biomat is completely decomposed within 4-5 years. The products of its decomposition themselves become part of the soil humus, ensuring the development of plants. The biomass will make it possible to significantly simplify and accelerate the process of reclamation of technogenic-disturbed lands, including in the northern territories, where the biological stage of reclamation is greatly hampered by considerable remoteness and inaccessibility and severe climatic conditions. “

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