Sexual Abstinence makes us Less Intelligent

Sexual Abstinence, Intelligent

Today in our curious news of the day, we talked about a scientific study on the prejudices of the lack of sex. It is not an invention anymore, it is pure science. Let’s get into trouble, and let’s get to know in details. But just in case, have sex, if you want, of course.

One of the most frequent questions to psychologists is about sex and is that most people think that not having sex directly influences our health.

A report from the newspaper El País openly resolves this doubt and gives us scientific results that, yes, make it clear that the more abstinence there is, the less intelligence and the more aggressiveness. We will begin the explanation of this by answering the question “When, then, is abstinence a problem? If you are aware that you are not sexually active and that you are worried about it, it can have a harmful effect.

“When talking about the cessation of sexual activity, not because of a voluntary cause but because of something that prevents it, there are very interesting studies like those of Els Pazmany, of 2014, that address the effects on the self-esteem of the person or the idea of the self-concept, increasing the state of depression and anxiety. A person who has never had a single or shared sexual activity is not so aware of what is happening, and maybe if you take care of other aspects, the lack of sexuality does not have to be so negative.

But in a person who has had sex in a certain moment and ceases or leaves, the damage is greater because he is aware of that absence, and the psychological affection ends up translating into other physiological and organic processes, he says for the newspaper, the clinical sexologist Francesca Molero, co-director of the Institute of Sexology of Barcelona Molero.

Stress is caused by various conditions. Such as lack of sleep or daily concerns, but could also be related to sex. According to a 2005 study that detected levels of stress among those who had had recent sex.

“The natural physiological tendency would always be to compensate our body. If we are wrong and our level of dopamine or serotonin decreases by having blocked systems decompensate. We would have to resort to a natural mechanism such as sex to try to unblock a situation. But we do not do it spontaneously because of the social, moral and cultural conditions that tell us that that is not right. It is an example of how the perception of our health. And the influence of culture can sometimes block us when it comes to solving our health problems. “- Ea.

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