Shoes with a Navigator, which do not require Satellites

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Modern navigation systems are based on the orientation of instruments in space with the help of information obtained from GPS satellites or GLONASS. One of the problems of such devices is that they cannot always work and depend heavily on the mass of conditions. But recently, Russian scientists from the Siberian Federal University (SFU) together with colleagues from the National Research Tomsk Polytechnic University (TPU) have developed a technology that can determine the user’s coordinates without data from satellites.

Such sensors can be equipped with shoes or other clothing items. A is an invention of a pedestrian navigation system that can determine the user’s coordinates even in dense urban areas, woodlands and underground. As the author of the development, Ph.D. in engineering, associate professor of the Instrument Engineering and Nanoelectronics Department of the Institute of Engineering Physics and Radioelectronics SFU Pavel Marinushkin,

“The system does not need antennas, and therefore it determines the coordinates of the location where it is impossible to use satellite systems such as GLONASS or GPS. The system itself is inertial, it does not depend on external landmarks or signals. The sensors determine the distance traveled by measuring the acceleration with which the pedestrian moves. Knowing the starting point of the route, the system will determine the distance traveled and the location of the user based on the information coming from the sensors. “

The devices themselves are quite compact. The measuring unit can be worn on the arm in the form of a bracelet, but it is best to place it on the sole of the shoe. In a series of experiments, scientists conducted measurements, and they were able to find out that the error in locating did not exceed 2.5%. A new development can be used in individual navigation equipment not only to create analogs of GPS but also for orientation in the space of people with vision problems.

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