Signatures of the Most Famous Persons of the World (22 photos)

Let’s look at the signatures of famous people who have managed to leave a trace in history forever. It is worth noting that the signatures of many of them are very similar, and therefore it is not surprising that the handwriting can say a lot about the man himself.

1. Charlie Chaplin

2. Ludwig van Beethoven

3. Leonardo da Vinci

4. Princess Diana

5. Walt Disney

6. Albert Einstein

7. Elvis Presley

8. Audrey Hepburn

9. Freddie Mercury

10. John Tolkien

11. John Lennon

12. Abraham Lincoln

13. Martin Luther King

14. Marilyn Monroe

15. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

16. Napoleon I Bonaparte

17. Isaac Newton

18. Pablo Picasso

19. Edgar Poe

20. William Shakespeare

21. George Washington

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