SpaceX Founder Elon Mask: Developments of China and Russia in the field of AI can provoke the Third World War

Third World War, Artificial Intelligence

SpaceX founder Elon Mask commented on the words of Russian President Vladimir Putin that the ruler of the world will be the one who will become the leader in the development of artificial intelligence.

“It begins …” – wrote Mask in his tweet, attaching a link to the news of The Verge about Putin’s statement.

China, Russia, soon and all countries that are strong in computer science. Competition for excellence in the field of artificial intelligence at the national level is the most likely reason for the outbreak of World War III, “wrote the founder of SpaceX and Tesla in the social network.

The entrepreneur also added that the war cannot be initiated by a leader of one of the countries, but by artificial intelligence, if he considers that a preemptive strike is preferable to victory.

Mask earlier spoke about this threat coming from artificial intelligence. So, in August 2017, he signed a petition in which 116 representatives of technology companies from 26 countries called on the United Nations to begin regulating the production of weapons based on artificial intelligence that can open fire without human intervention.

In July 2017, he urged the US government to control the development of technology and suggested creating an agency that will collect information on the rapidly developing AI for the subsequent regulation of this area.

According to him, now the government “has no idea” about the threats that artificial intelligence can represent for civilization. Mask warned that regulation of the development of AI should be ahead of development, otherwise “it will be too late.”

In February 2017, the businessman said that the development of a “deep AI” that would be “smarter than the smartest person on the planet” could replace people with artificial algorithms.

And in 2015, the head of SpaceX together with the co-founder of PayPal, Peter Tile, a partner of Y Combinator Sam Altman and other investors founded a non-profit organization OpenAI to study the safe development of AI technology. Investments in the organization amounted to $ 1 billion.

On September 1, Putin, during the open lesson “Russia looking to the future” in Yaroslavl, said that artificial intelligence is the future of all mankind, and the “ruler of the world” will be one who will be able to achieve leadership in the creation of artificial intelligence.

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