Taylor Swift Launches her Very Own Social Media Platform (App)

Taylor Swift revealed that he is launching her own social media platform called The Swift Life.

The singer made the announcement in a 30-second promotional video posted on Youtube, writes Daily Mail.

“I’m Taylor and I have something wonderful that I’ve been working on lately, and I want to share it with you,” says the artist at the beginning of the video, starting a promo on the platform that promises permanent connection with her, exclusive new videos and tracks and the new ones with her.

The fans who will join Taylor Swift’s network, who recently won the process of accusing a DJ of sexual assault,  will be able to connect with other members, discuss, post messages, and the singer to see them and comment on them.

Taylor ends the video jokingly, “I think you will really like it. I mean, I hope you’d like to like it. “

The application is developed by Glu Mobile. Nick Earl, CEO of the company, said: “We worked closely with Taylor and her team to bring her creative vision to life.

The result is a profound social environment in which Taylor and her fans can better connect with each other, expressing themselves in an interactive community. We are looking forward to its global launch this year. “

Taylor Swift LAUNCHES Her Own App & Emojis Just For Fans

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